2020, A year of natural disasters for Pakistan

Letter to The Editor,

Current year of 2020 have brought a serious pandemic COVID-19 for whole world and Pakistan is suffering this pandemic in a very hard economic situation. Firstly, COVID-19 hit a very hard blow to Pakistan and caused a serious damage to every sector in Pakistan especially exports. In the month of March, Pakistan have faced unseasonal rain which caused damage to wheat crop all over the country and wheat production was below the target, now government have given free hand to wheat exporters.

Later on in the month of May, crops in Sindh and Punjab have been attacked by locust and experts are predicting a second wave of locust attack after monsoon. Off course we also have to face flood in monsoon which will also cause damage to crops. Monsoon and locus attack may cause food security crisis in Pakistan, according to reports of Global Report on Food Crisis, natural disasters and economic shock are the drivers for food crisis. Pakistan is already under economic crisis and in the presence of these disasters we will not be in the position to import fruits and vegetables to full fill country’s requirement.

Though this letter I want to draw the attention of concern authorities towards the need of implementing serious policies. Authorities should make preparations to fight these challenges and government should stop the illegal export of food to the neighboring countries to prevent food crisis in Pakistan.

Muhammad Saad Khan, Islamabad