A tale of the terror funding secular nation – India

The writer is an entrepreneur based in the UK.
By: Malik Arsalan Awan

The American magazine Foreign Policy has once again exposed the ugly and appalling face of India to the world. The magazine termed India as an enemy of world peace and security and a pioneer of global terrorism. India has been committing terrorism in Afghanistan along with ISIS. In 2017, India joined hands with ISIS in a New Year’s Eve celebration at a Turkish club, and in the same year, 2017, India was found to be involved in the By: attack in Stockholm. The magazine clearly stated that India is responsible for the spread of the growing scourge of terrorism in the world. Remember that in 2019, 270 innocent lives were lost in Sri Lanka on the occasion of Easter and India had a huge hand to play in that incident. India’s shameful role in destroying peace in Afghanistan and bloodshed in Ahmad Shah Abdali’s country is clear proof that India is a global terrorist, enemy of peace and the progenitor of riots. Earlier, on September 26, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network exposed India’s black deeds and filthy fog to the world with irrefutable evidence that shocked the whole world. How vile, wicked and cruel is the Indian claimant of greater democracy, the self-proclaimed champion of secularism and the preacher of pacifism?

The Financial Crimes Network wrote in its editorial that Modi was financing terrorists through money laundering and other illegal means.

The Financial Crimes Network wrote in its editorial that Modi was financing terrorists through money laundering and other illegal means. Through 44 banks, India disbursed more than1.5   billion to terrorists who carried out acts of terrorism in India’s neighboring countries. Indian terrorists have been implicated in the attack on a Sikh shrine in Kabul. Kerala and Assam have major terrorist hideouts in which terrorists are trained and exported all over the world. Neighboring India, Pakistan has been the worst victim of Indian terrorism. In this brutal and ruthless terrorism of India, our mosques, educational institutions, our temples, churches and imambargahs have been reduced to ashes; thousands of innocents lost their loved ones and innocent civilians were killed. All of these atrocities became a certainty on the international stage when Kulbhushan Yadhav got captured in Balochistan and confessed to terrorism within Pakistan. The attack on Karachi Stock Market, Navy Headquarters and Chinese Consulate were all orchestrated by this global terrorist from India.

Our Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly told the United Nations at the United Nations that India is the mastermind and facilitator of global terrorism, but the world powers, for their own economic interests, have always been the greatest enemy of man and humanity. Ignoring the atrocities, the result was that no region of the world is safe from terrorism from this enemy of world peace. Whether it is Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan or Stockholm, Kerala and Assam have all fallen prey to terrorists under the umbrella of the Indian government. Muslim, Sikh and Christian minorities living in Occupied Kashmir and India are being targeted by Modi’s Hindu terrorism. The brutality and barbarism with which Muslims are being massacred in Karuna is unparalleled in the Nazi era or the Yazidi era. Nevertheless, if the world powers do not question the terrorist activities of India, the enemy of peace, then these powers do not have the right to gray-list Pakistan in the FATF. Pakistan has always been a champion of peace and an opponent of terrorism. It is no longer a secret to the world that India is the world’s biggest terrorist and the enemy of peace and security. Now we have to finish. Pakistan’s sacrifices against terrorism have to be acknowledged. The world has to recognize India as a terrorist state and they have to unmask the fake masquerade of secularism of the face of India.

It is also speculated that India might be pushing the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, and its splinter group Jamaatul Ahrar in “cross-border terrorist attacks against Pakistani military and civilian targets.” All of these incidents of terrorism indicate that India is financing and organizing secret mercenary terrorist organizations based outside our borders to conduct attacks in Pakistan to impede the implementation” of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a multimillion-dollar infrastructure network aimed at connecting China’s strategically important northwestern Xinjiang province to the port of Gawadar in Baluchistan. 

The writer is an entrepreneur, social activist and motivational speaker based in UK. He can be reached at [email protected]