A Youth movement named “Tehreek Rehbar-e-Taraqi“ formed

Lahore: founding members of newly formed "Tehreek Rehbar-e-Taraqqi" during a consultative meeting.

LAHORE, Jan 2020 – Disappointed from the policies of the incumbent government, a group of youngsters hailing from all the four provinces including GB and AJK, formed a youth movement named “Tehreek Rehbar-e-Taraqi“to engage youth in Pakistan in healthy discourse and expose them to the democratic process and practices.

Abid Ghouri one of the founding members of the movement, while talking to The Dayspring said that “This is the high time for our youth to speak for their political and basic rights“ and we have gathered like-minded youth of from different areas of Pakistan, he added. In January a meeting was also held in Lahore in this regard. Fsahat Ul Hassan, Abid Khan Atozai, Asad Javed Khan and others attended the meeting to finalise the manifesto and way forward.