About 60% of Educated Youth in the World Suffer Unemployment, Marina Mukhina

Marina Mukhina, a young political and social activist from Ukraine
By: Ikram-Ud-Din

Germany: While today, About 60 % educated young people across the world have become victims of unemployment, said Ms Marina Mukhina, a young political and social activist from Ukraine, Whereas the development and prosperity of any country depends on the education of the young. The assets of every successful society are young and are the backbone of the country which is why the current governments are paying special attention to the younger generation. She said that in the present era the best programs for youth should be available in terms of technical, sports, Information technology which help young people directly benefit and be able to stand on their feet.

Ms Marina Mukhina said in a news release with the International Global Times News Agency Europe, that in order to keep young generation away from social evils, governments must urgently promote positive activities by conducting programs such as technical and sports, this will open the doors to modern development and for those young segment of society that faces unemployment despite getting an educational and technical degree. Ms Marina further said that most young people are addicted to gambling as well as being involved in street crimes and drugs,most of the young people are wasting their lives with harmful alcohol, Ice, AIDS therefore they become drug addicts, as a result parents see young children dying in front of their eyes. World should now think and take this on board how to save young people from the evils of society and world must take practical measures for the best of their bright future.