Adapting to the New Lifestyle

Letter to The Editor,

Never would have anyone thought of an era of the present time. A world working and dependent on machines. A time where machines and technology are a preference. The rise in the usage of technology was evident in 2020 when the spread of COVID-19 took over the world and led the people in a different direction. Be it education, business, entertainment, work life or marketing, all have made their way into the online world. The heavy lockdown all over the world, proved that the existence of technology is of great benefit , along with that it has also showed that in any case of emergency or a pandemic the world can still operate. The change in the schooling system is one of the biggest changes during this pandemic as before this the usage of internet was restricted to news and entertainment mostly, but ever since the pandemic came, online schooling reached it’s peak.

Alizey Naqvi