Alleged psychopath stalker in Murree scaring sleeping women

MURREE: CCTV image of unidentified man.

MURREE: An unidentified young man, who enters different homes in Murree at night and tries to molest women, is the center of discussion nowadays in the area. There have been many instances where this man entered rooms where women were sleeping alone or with their families and every time managed to escape when someone woke up or tried to catch him.

In some instances, the man appeared naked in front of women and sometimes fled with womens’ undergarments.

The man is reported to be repeatedly doing such activities in different areas of Union Council Dewal, Phagwari and Rawat of Murree tehsil.

The story was initially not believed by most of the people but now the matter is getting serious and being believed when hundreds of families got victimized. He is also caught on CCTV at some instances. According to The Dayspring’s investigation and study of similar cases around the world, the man can be a psycho who only has the intention of molesting women and stealing women’s undergarments.

According to the investigation from different victims, till now the man hasn’t stolen anything except ladies’ undergarments. ‘The man has a slim physique, moderate height and was witnessed by many in a black mask covering the whole face except eyes and sometimes with a black shawl as well’ told an eyewitness.

The matter has already been told to local police but no formal application has been launched against the suspicious man.