Animal abuse and cruelty

Letter to The Editor,

We’re living in 21st century, A century of technology and advancement. In all over the world there’re some laws for humans and for animals as well. We’ve know about what is bad and what is good for us, We can use every possible to way to keep ourselves in our comfort zone. Some of us owns pet and there are many organisations and NGO’s working as Animal care and welfare such as PAWS- Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, Animal safety organization Pakistan, Vets Care Pakistan and many more.

But in Pakistan, Infact humans are getting more aggressive and frustrated towards animal. Recently in Lahore a 15-year-old boy, along with his six friends, allegedly gang-raped a little kitten repeatedly for more than a week. Later, the kitten died and was then thrown in the nearby dumpster. According to a post shared by a Facebook page, the poor little kitten was reportedly adopted by the family of the culprit where he abused it on a daily basis until she died after suffering from crushed internal organs.

This is the level of Absurdity in our youth, Like they don’t even leave animals now for their lust and pleasure so how can we say that kids are safe in our country? In which direction we’re heading towards as a nation? What parents teach to their childrens? We should think and reconsider our some decisions otherwise that day isn’t so far we’ll get embarrassed in this world and hereafter. May Almighty give us some sense and protect us from his wrath.

Syedda Fatima Rizwan, Karachi.