Anti-smoking laws need to be implemented; Amir Waheed & Naveed Malik

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ISLAMABAD: President of Islamabad Founder Lions Club Amir Waheed and Secretary Muhammad Naveed Malik have said in a message on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day that smoking is harmful to health and smokers are 14% more likely to have coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease is becoming more harmful in smokers. Therefore, we must raise awareness against smoking at all levels because its use is poisonous. In his message, he added that the growing use of smoking in Pakistan is dangerous for the society, so it needs to be addressed, especially parents to fulfil their responsibilities to keep children away from this menace. Smoking is the first stage of intoxication in children which leads them to intoxication and evil. Aamir Waheed and Naveed Malik added in the message that in order to protect children from smoking, not to sell cigarettes to minors. There is an urgent need to implement the existing law.