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Arresting Imran Khan

OpinionArresting Imran Khan
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Tear gas and stone pelting is ongoing and all this is happening to arrest former prime minister Imran Khan who after surviving an assassination attempt asked the court earlier for availing the option of video link, a facility that was given to the individual who was arrested when the incident happened in Wazirabad.

A heavy contingent of police from Islamabad and Punjab besides Rangers have besieged Zaman Park Lahore the internet service in the area is cut off.

Police are doing all this in implementation of the court order from Islamabad High Court while Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has reservations and made their concerns public over security and safety threats to Imran Khan who has not fully recovered from bullet injuries.

Appearing online before the court was suggested as the same was granted in the case of Naveed who was caught in Wazirabad while one PTI worker Moazzam in front of his two sons was shot dead.

PTI is the largest political party in the country and the biggest crowd puller the Gallup conducted not long ago clearly showed Imran Khan having the maximum popularity.

It is pertinent to note that 80 First Investigation Reports have been registered against PTI’s chief Imran Khan the legal validity is one thing but the impression from the public is that it is all political vendetta that is being carried out.

It is worth mentioning that Imran Khan named government officials in his assassination attempt but to date, his FIR hasn’t been registered.

The commoner stands with Imran Khan believing what is happening is not right and sympathy for PTI grows with each passing day.

The political acumen of Imran Khan can be questioned and disagreed with but what he has done has exposed all who have usurped national resources for decades.

The recent killing of PTI worker Ali  Bilal alias Zille Shah has given rise to numerous questions as firstly it was Imran Khan who was nominated in the FIR for Ali Bilal’s murder which was later termed as an accident and all this happened by government officials who later admitted it was a mistake.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi senior leader of PTI, accused the Pakistan Democratic Movement government of postponement of the elections besides it is in the quest for dead bodies.

The ten months of regime change have taken the country into a nose dive political polarization followed by economic meltdown is taking its toll. The world is watching Pakistan while at the same time, United Nations has taken notice of the gross human rights violations besides the IMF and USA.

Toshakhana the latest one details how the stately gifts were robbed on giving less than 10 percent and in some cases just whisked away for free and not all details are revealed.

The solution to this endless uncertainty lies in one thing only and that is free and fair elections and all political parties have their supporters who can decide.

Imran Khan should be given a chance to explain his position before the court and the government should hold back and display wisdom as political differences should not be taken to personal enmity.

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