Blessing becomes a burden

Letter to The Editor,

We face heavy spells of rains every year in Karachi, approximately 80% of the rainfall takes place in a span of two weeks yet the government fails to develop a system to avoid urban flooding. Being the 7th largest city in the world, we fail to provide our citizens with the safety of the natural rainfalls that become disastrous for the poorer community. Businesses stop in this industrial city because of the poor precautions taken by the govt of our country.

The government gets all year to plan and come up with a drainage system that maybe able to help collect and use the natural water supply. The drainage system created on Shara e Faisal were a letdown after there were boils of sewerage water comes from it every year. The constant absence of power due to deaths from electrocutions has become a norm of the city. There are better ways to take measure in order to maintain the flow of current within the wires and the electric poles.

My request to the respectable government is to test and apply new ways of saving energy and water in this desert called Karachi. The city of lights needs power to shine and unless we solve our problems one by one, we will not be able to succeed any further in this technological world. The request to the official is to start with one thing, the citizens are asking to turn Karachi into New York but make Karachi a better place for us to live and welcome any guests coming from abroad.

Let’s take each step at a time.

Amber Shaikh, Karachi.