Book review – fadaail-a-a’maal

Letter to The Editor,

There was a time when people engaged themselves reading good books but since the people tend to use social media the trend of reading books has been declined and very few people are found who read books these days as compare to past figures. And then there are some people who read books but of unnecessary subjects based on fiction and fabricated stories.

In this scenario when majority of people have left reading books and those who are reading, reading such books which tantamount to waste of time as it has nothing to do with facts and figures. There is a book which is based on pragmatic stories of fellows (sahabi) of beloved Prophet PBUH, Quranic verses and valid hadeeths relating to some good deeds is read across the globe and without any argument the world’s most read book is The Holy Quran and it is estimated that after Quran this book is read the most across the globe viz fadaail a’maal written by Shaykh al-Hadeeth Moulana Muhammad Zakariyyaa Kandhlawee R.A. This book consist of number of chapters namely stories of fellows (Sahabi) of beloved Prophet PBUH which are real stories happened in the lives of fellows and beloved Prophet PBUH. Second chapter is about the benefits of listening and doing recitation and status of a person who learns The Quran by heart followed by a chapter which is about advantages and disadvantages of offering prayers and what reward and punishment one would get if practiced and otherwise.

Fourth chapter defines advantages of doing dhikr of Almighty and fifth chapter is about benefits of fasting while second last chapter of this book tells the responsibility and advantages of preaching and last chapter is about the degeneration of muslims and its remedy. All in all, this book is full of advantages and disadvantages of different deeds based on valid hadits and Quranic verses and it is observed that if this book is read perpetually people tend to execute good deeds and inhibit from bad ones and this book is proven life changer in some cases. As it is said that if a drop of water falls on a rock perpetually it makes a hole in the rock. Similarly it happens so when somebody reads this book on daily basis person incline to perform good deeds and abstain from bad ones thus proved as life changer.

If someone wants to get to know about the life of fellows of beloved Prophet PBUH in short and value of some good deeds of basic nature this book is highly recommended and suggested to read it on daily basis. As human being is greedy by nature and inclined towards any action possess benefits of any nature and since this book comprising of advantages and disadvantages of different deeds the person who reads it prone to practice it eventually. This book is included in the syllabus of preaching group (tabligi jamat) and it is read in their centres and in the masjids all over the world on daily basis. It is said that the writer has not written any of its chapter. quranic verse and hadeeth without doing ablution (wazu) thus it affects the person who reads and listen it.

Faisal Ansar, Karachi