BRAVE CF committed to promote Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan MMA scene has witnessed a transformation in recent years as the country’s youth have become increasingly passionate about combat sports. The rise in popularity, however, has not yet attracted a substantive level of interest from global promotions with the exception of BRAVE Combat Federation who is the first and only global MMA promotion to host MMA events in Pakistan

BRAVE CF’s long-term plan consisted not only in providing a global platform for athletes to showcase their skills and seek personal and professional development but also carrying the flag of the sport around the world, including to nations that have never before seen an event of such magnitude.

That was exactly what BRAVE Combat Federation accomplished in Pakistan. BRAVE CF went further and became the very first international MMA promotion to host an event in Pakistan. In October 2018, BRAVE Combat Federation made its mark in the city of Lahore with BRAVE CF 17. The historic fight night was not only the first global MMA event in the history of the country but one of the biggest international sports events ever held in Pakistan.

With thousands of fans watching it live at the arena and millions catching up through their TVs around the world, BRAVE CF 17 brought an unprecedented level of exposure not only for the Pakistani MMA and sports scene but for the country of Pakistan as a whole.

The fight card was a mix of international talent, such as the future Welterweight world champion Abdoul Abdouraguimov, Brazil’s Rodrigo Cavalheiro, and New Zealand’s John Brewin, with national superstars, as Kareem Uloomi, Haider Farman, and Mehmosh Raza.

But BRAVE Combat Federation’s commitment to Mixed Martial Arts’ development in Pakistan kept going. After promoting BRAVE CF 17, BRAVE CF continued to be the global MMA promotion with most Pakistanis within its roster. In addition, the country was selected to receive the very first BRAVE Gym, a new endeavor that combined top-notch structure with an exclusive and detailed training program forged by BRAVE CF.