Braving a life threat to seek knowledge

PHOTO: Khurram Butt
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

This is a common site and many of us working scribes have faced and braved the same dangers to attain academic degrees.

The few lucky ones had lady luck knocking at their doorsteps while some hit the bucket in pursuit. Education a luxury in Pakistan is not for everyone. The multiple education system have division of fee in such a manner which appears to be prescription but parents have little or no option but compliance.

Six months out of schools was a breather for students and parents alike but at the same time the threat of Coronavirus exists and lurks round the corner.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned of the second coming wave in winters and have urged everyone to take precautions.

The schools which have been shut down due to the pandemic have taken a sigh of relief with the return of the ‘cash cows’ in the form of students and have made enough hue and cry when the orders were passed to shut them down.

The court had to intervene for compliance of orders and probe was initiated into the evil practices that have been rampant in the fee structures of the schools.

Not everyone is happy but sadly beggars can’t be choosers and the school systems hire the lawyers on very high fees to quash the parents concern.

These money minting machines will leave no stone unturned and are always willing to spend millions for new infrastructures for nabbing and catching the students ‘the golden goose’.

These school pry on parents concern who in order to make their children into a ‘hero’ get trapped in the fee which in the end becomes a quagmire. There is no success todate in which an amiable system is in place which is acceptable to both parents and schools owners.

The Standard Operating Procedures announced by the government is to break and segment the classes with students attending three days a week.

The question arises would the schools be charging half the fee, as the students are attending only 15 days a month or they have to pay for the whole month.

The system in place for the course that ends in a year varies with the comprehension of a teacher to that of a child.

Should government care to look in this matter? Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood must have been faced with this query.

Lastly there multiple entities in the picture which can be in the right frame if only one conscientious individual, the traffic official does his duties which is to book the driver.