Breaking Dawn of post pandemic educational requirement

By: Rameen Shahid

It is now the time to shatter the uneven thoughts behind and hold tightly to fight against the pandemic which has shown how education is an important variable in our lives and which when taught correctly could change the disaster into bloom. Unfortunately, due to lack of access to sufficient necessities in the educational world, Pakistan has been lagging in this war of lives but it would be worth mentioning how with such limited approach it has shown its involvement during this harsh time.

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), has shown a remarkable involvement by bringing an essential COVID-19 kit at such a low cost which is definitely a big step for a developing country like Pakistan. Knowing its capacity of under privileged class it has been able to cater the major group of people to undertake a test more seriously despite worrying first of their pockets. Nevertheless, all this time it can be seen how education and health are related to each other. And this needs to be taken more seriously and also explains why it is crucial to invest in education system as first priority.

This time could be turned into a bloom period, since most would understand the significance of their degrees and could motivate themselves to bring out the best for their country. Government could help after the reopening of institutions to magnify their educational approach into a practical set of quality education. Institutions need to start working upon their approach towards more noteworthy applications and improve their systems and raise awareness to increase efficiency because there is no doubt that Pakistan has so much talent which could be utilized in a well-organized manner for such hard times.

This coming period will be a very crucial duty especially for primary, and secondary institutes in shaping the children mind towards strategic guidance because it either would enhance their skills in a right direction if taught accurately or it could worsen up their skills to move in alternative options. Hence, schools, colleges and universities need to work on their planners before and arrange sessions to bring the best of tasks to keep them indulged in technical training. Because this could be seen as an opportunity to finally manage the educational system in a right way and prepare ourselves to move towards a dynamic platform to bring out usefulness of what is being taught all these years and therefore prove ourselves and to the world of our breaking dawn as an example during this pandemic.

The writer is a Master’s student at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan