BRT and the public

Letter to The Editor,

BRT, a multi-billionary project has once more been in chaos. The fears of fire ignition owing to technical faults have obliged the govt halt the continuity of buses and and look over the misery. Notwithstanding, the stoppage has perturbed the travelling-comfort level of all the commuters, students being the particulars. The deadline for its refunctioning as pointed by Kamran bangash, 25 October is expected to resume the service. More delays would do harm to the transparency already at suspicion and cause further aches and pains for the public. The project was specifically observed to serve the university and college pupils which has brought an unprecedented ease in their access to less expensive and efficient transportation. The concerned authorities must overcome this mishandling as sooner as possible to keep the interruptions away and ensure the vehicles becoming re-operational.

Farhat Ullah, Peshawar