Care at its best: Poor boy spent all he had on cat milk

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

The small kitten and child had one thing in common and that was hunger. The child smiled ear to ear as he purchased the milk for the kitten and put the small cup in a box hiding it from others and protecting the kitten at the same time.

This scribe has seen and taken pictures where these children shared the same food with the dogs at the dumps and with very heavy heart left photography as it was emotionally too draining.

Kevin Carter served as in inspiration for this scribe who started writing picture stories since then as pictures carry the whole story and speak for itself.

Kevin won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize which in the end took his life owing to guilt. The iconic photo of the ‘hungry buzzard looking at the famine struck child’ exists and it tells about the expansionists powers which were the reason behind it.

A man who watched the child bringing milk for the kitten and made the video prompted the child again and again whether he had taken food or not which child after repeated persistence replied in denial.

He stayed hungry but felt the hunger of the small kitten and purchased milk with the only money he earned selling trash since morning.

These trash pickers and animals have a special bond as they eat the same food thrown as trash from the rich elite and are often found out the dumps that are close to the hotels.

These dogs are often their protectors and follow them around in their quest for food from one dump to another.

The child is a hero as he sacrificed all he had for the need of another.