China’s Artificial Moon

Getty Images
By: Shehroz Sultan

In our literature moon is mostly considered as a symbol of love and is praised a lot. In lovers  tryst moon is thought to be best partner. When alone it helps poets to imagine their beloved’s face in it. Love us blind and in this blindness author praise their beloved to be more bright, elegant and beautiful than moon. This is all what we thought by looking at moon.

China has changed our perspective of looking at moon. They made their own moon which functions as per their wish. Yes, you have heard it right. Everything is possible in this century. I would  not be bothering myself to write about it if it was made as a symbol for love or to adorn their city. I want  to throw light on this artificial moon as this cutting edge technology is going to show us the cause of our fall and the reasons for rise of Chinese reign. China plans to  launch the  moon in space by 2020. Our neighbour China is the economical super power and it tends to save 1.2 billion yuan per year by  launching an artificial moon in the space that will orbit the Chengdu city of south western Sichuan province. This artificial moon or in scientific term an illumination satellite will glow in conjunction of actual moon but it will be shining 8 times brighter than the natural moon. It will reflect the sunlight back to the targeted areas and will enough for a 50 square miles radius. It will abolish the costly street lights that brighten the cities of China. The Tian fu new area society plan on launching 3 more moons by 2022.

The Russians have also tried to do somewhat similar project by the name of Znamya or Banner by had eggs in their face. It means China is not the first to think about a renewable source of energy but it sure is going to be the first one actually doing it. A clear insightful difference  between our thoughts and interest can be seen in Pakistan and China. Although they are our neighbors but we had nothing in common.