China’s intrusion? A lesson for India

By: Syed Shahzaib Haider

It’s about china who is now on the other side of (LAC) the line of actual control with its border to India. I’ll start with a saying hail in my mind according to what’s happening in Ladakh “DON’T PLAY VICTIM TO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU CREATED” India the country of 1.38 billion people living in it the second largest population in the world is definitely not in safe hands these days since the BJP the fascist regime formed the government its economy its GDP the foreign policy and the armed forces all are progressively going down and the problem is only one and that is the stubbornness of the premier of the country and his policies.

Since BJP came into power India is continually losing its glory in every field this is now the point to ponder for the people living in India

Because of the constant poking of India now the Chinese army is 8kms inside in their territory and not willing to even listen to what they are saying to them by showing them the banner “please go back you’re in our territory” written on it. This is what their real power position is in the world that’s the same country that invaded Kashmir and put the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir under siege and made their life hell where 12,541,302 people are suffering with no basic commodities of life and the killings are constant.

Now the questions arise; Is china going to absolutely take away Ladakh from India? because for the last 27 years this is the major intrusion by the Chinese army in Indian territory and is China only going to stop on Ladakh? Is it the bigger concern of the Indian government. Because the Chinese army already positioned a camp in Ladakh and now the red army have marked the area and the sweating Indian army far-sight them from not more than 300 meters and beg them to move behind so that may also go back to their base camps and take rest what their actual competency is, but the chinses army is not willing to listen to them at all they are not in the mood to see the so-called world largest democracy deceitful behaviour towards them this time. The people sitting in power corridors in Delhi are repetitively trying to establish contact to the Beijing but unfortunately had no any green signal from the other side. Indian army is sending their army troops to the location not to do any provocation but to do the banner drill. On the other side, more than 5,000 Chinese soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have intruded into five points in Ladakh – four along the Galwan River, and one near the Pangong Lake some sources says that the PLA has already initiated another infiltration into another sector in Southern Ladakh. The foreign ministry of China denied the allegation of Delhi about Chinese infiltration in Indian territory by saying that there is no intrusion happened. I am sure India didn’t forget the intrusion of Arunachal by China as of yet and now the situation for India is getting worse but whatever is happening is happening for a reason the people in India must think about it and they should review their choice in general elections because since BJP came into power India is continually losing its glory in every field this is now the point to ponder for the people living in India, and the BJP goons sitting in Delhi shouldn’t think themselves as the only people growing in the world they should realize that there are other people around as well who will spare you if you try to play the same way you were playing with the smaller countries.

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