Combating cyber crimes

By: Asem Mustafa

Finally the need was ascertained to formulate the cyber security policy to combat cyber crimes which are committed faceless. The Federal Cabinet approved the national cyber security policy as signatory of many international pacts the need was felt to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world. There has been so many occurrences in the past where the data from National Database and Registration Authority was stolen by the internet hackers. How many examples have been there where the national websites have been under attack from hackers from around the globe. Not long ago a network of fake websites was unearthed which were backed and funded by Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India disseminating false propaganda against Pakistan.

Thanks to research carried by the European experts who did the work in unearthing the Indian disinformation network operating for over a decade to discredit nation which were in conflict with Pakistan. Pakistan suffered most as not one but 265 coordinated fake media outlets in 65 countries dispersed damaging information about Pakistan to mould the Europe and particularly United States opinion. Dubious and fictitious think tanks planned this disinformation in a very organized manner to make Pakistan suffer.

Pakistan is indeed indebted to Europe-based group which made government of Pakistan to plan and organize for countering the pro-India propaganda. The Indian Chronicles from the benefactors of Pakistan in Europe made Pakistan as a nation to realize as how it suffered on international forums owing to this. This consolidated network of the Indian websites improved the image of India on the whole and created doubts particularly towards Pakistan and China. The smart maneuvering of the Indian propagandists involved many a pseudo names and fake identities besides individuals who leave no stone unturned in spewing venom against Pakistan. It was not all, a planned and organized effort was there with fake letter heads, addresses and phone numbers which were readily available and in use for disparaging of Pakistan.

The need of the hour is to counter that though 90 per cent of the work in unearthing the network was done by the Europe-based group it is now for Pakistan to take the lead and make laws to ensure the safety of the state as a whole. Prime Minister Imran Khan with his hands and plate full needs to do the needful while approving the National Cyber Security Policy should get the real experts in the field to combat the cyber warfare. The damage done in the past since 2005 when this fake network got established cannot be gauged as it changed the opinion globally and Pakistan suffered numerous setbacks on the global arena.
It is time to hire the real ‘cyber warriors’ as defenders of Pakistan who could foresee and plan accordingly with the war that is waged from all fronts. It is hoped that national security will not be compromised unlike the National Data-base and Registration Authority where officials sold their souls for personal gains and issued National Identity Cards to terrorists and criminals.

The writer is Special Correspondent at The Dayspring