Competition organized for the awareness of SDGs

Islamabad: In a bid to aware youth about SDGs and have innovative solutions for the implementation of SDGs, a competition was held during NasCon event at FAST University, Islamabad. A sixteen-minute video was screened and four eager delegates willingly took notes. A Multiple-Choice Question sheet was handed over to them and they had to attempt it in ten minutes. Uh-oh, round one elapsed in ten minutes, those who did good, smiled eerily at those who tried covering up their embarrassment with a mean grimace. Round two was quite a challenge, the delegates spun the wheel, had their fingers crossed and impatiently waited for the wheel to stop. Seeing the needle pointing at their allocated topics was worth the brief adrenaline surge. Very well then, as was their luck, they had to present that subject before the judges. The judges were an assembled team of experienced and knowledgeable people, Mr. Talha Fayyaz, Ms. Semaab Zafar (SDG’s Youth Squad for Progressive Pakistan), Ms. Hira Faisal, and Mr. Khawaja Ahad (both from AISEC) being the renowned judges for the aforementioned event.

The judges marked and judged the presentations and round two soon elapsed. Round three commenced after a fifteen-minute break and oh dear me, do you know how absurd and trivial this round was? After being handed photos, the delegates were told to spot the differences and deliver speeches on them. Alas, round three was a wondrous epilogue to such a fine event, the judges jotted down scores and decided the victors. The runner ups and the lucky bearer of the first prize were decided. The delegates got their participation certificates and the judges got their shields.