Coronavirus infused discipline and obedience in lives

By: Faisal Ansar

Coronavirus outbreak proved a deadly disease which has taken many precious lives of human being and its lethal effects are still taking the lives of many people while some are at stake. Besides this coronavirus is changing the lifestyle of many people pragmatically who are alive around the world. Economically sound countries are now facing history’s biggest recession ever and as the world get rid of this pandemic disease the new world would likely to emerge. Symptoms of which can be experienced these days and it would not be wrong to say that coronavirus outbreak infused discipline and obedience at least in the lives of Pakistani nation with some impunity like people are now patiently wait for their turn in queues for which they are queued like entering into any departmental store to buy commodities and else. 

Staff and officers in offices mind their own business and avoid poking their nose in the matters of others as social distance has abstained them to do so. People are taking utmost care of hygiene and avoid wandering around outdoors unnecessarily. Any precautionary and preventative instructions are communicated through any source are adopted by people which is a great degree of obedience. Relatives and friends are not visiting their houses to meet them without their prior approval as they are avoiding meeting owing to curb transmission of corona virus and physical meet up could cause its spread. Taking extraordinary care not to sneeze and couch over their mouth as well as people are not spitting everywhere especially at public places. What our academic education and religious teachings could not bind and infuse discipline and obedience in lives coronavirus outbreak has done it efficiently and effectively.

The best part of COVID-19 which has forced the government to direct shop owners only those which are allowed to open in lockdown period to close down their shops at 5 pm sharp. Consequently, shop owners are now opening their shops well on time as compared to their past practice. The shops which were opened at 11 am or even at 12 noon are now being opened as early as possible for them i.e. around 8 and 9 am while some shops are opened soon after dawn. 

Government should capitalize this opportunity to regulate such legislation that all shops, markets and offices are to be closed before sun set across the country after lock down period and even after when pandemic is over except few businesses like petrol pump, hospitals, medical stores, restaurants, departmental stores, marriage halls and banquets, all businesses should be wind up before sun set as it happens in advanced countries that daily use commodities shops and markets are closed before sun set . 

If this plan is executed perfectly people would enjoy a better life wherein they would get time for their families and for social activities and off course plenty of time to rest which is imperative for healthy life. If timings of offices and businesses run in markets and shops are defined to close down at different timings positively with a gap of about two hours which would definitely minimize issues of traffic chaos and jams which has become a norm and observed in daily life routine.