COVID-19 Vaccines and Infertility

Letter to The Editor,

Ever since the COVID-19 vaccines have been launched, quite a number of rumors have been seen circulating all around the social media. Among all rumors, the one that says that getting the vaccine shots can lead to infertility in women has impacted people the most. Women are concerned if they should or should not get the shots. Like all rumors, this rumor is also not supported by any evidence. However, it has been researched that vaccine shots have no link with infertility.

Such rumors can have long-term consequences if not stopped timely. Women would stop vaccinating themselves for the sake of protecting their fertile self, eventually, leading to an immediate surge in the number of COVID-19 patients. It is important for the concerned authorities to aware people as to how safe the vaccines are. Not only this, but necessary steps should also be taken to educate women as to how the vaccines work and how they cannot have any effect on their fertility. 

Ayesha Imran, Karachi.