Deathly compliance with defiance

Pair of lions, ostrich and others all die in less than 24 hours in Pakistan

By: Asem Mustafa

Poachers successful the voiceless lose the battle. Pair of lions, ostrich and others all die in less than 24 hours in Pakistan. Probe needed to hunt down the killer who vets his anger at the captive creatures

They have their freedom papers signed and court has stood up for the voiceless but the merciless caretakers finding it hard to let go their money minting machines and golden goose, have vented their anger and the result, lion pair dies during relocation in less than 24 hours.

Someone is on killing spree, the lion pair and an ostrich all died in less than 24 hours when they had their release orders from the court. Is there someone who while handling the creatures in injecting or feeding poison. The probe must be done.

It is standard operating procedure an inquiry committee will be constituted which will fix ‘responsibility‘. The report will be drafted in a way the blame will fall on the dead animals and no human error will be found. The animals did not comply and paid the penalty in the form of their lives. The oldest lioness of Marghzar Zoo is now no more.

Those responsible if not curtailed now will have a go at other animals as the competition is intense for the getting the maximum from the food chain and these voiceless creatures cannot raise their voice for the theft that goes on unabated and for years.

They are hungry and starved as their rations are not full someone takes a hit in their feed and pockets the cash while underfeeding them at the same time.

The oldest lioness in the Islamabad zoo got her release from the court but her life ended in less than 24 hours as cruel staff who probably had their share from her rations made her pay with her life. The lion died later in the same day.

The officials concerned with secured jobs have little or nothing to do as regards animal welfare. Thirty four Girraffes have died in two years that were in different zoos of the country and were arranged through animal exchange programme.

Another query can be asked from the cruel zoo keepers who have kept the lone cassowary for over 50 years why wasn’t the animal/ bird exchange programme happened in its case. Half a century is a long time and child who came and see the bird as yearling is also now, way over 50 and has grandchildren seeing the same bird in the same enclosure.

The only voice that meant something to the cruel authorities was none other than that of the Islamabad High Court Chief Justice, Honourable Justice, Justice Athar Minallah.

The ICJ Chief Justice release orders for the welfare of the animals resulted in their deaths. It is believed that the ‘release orders’ from court has disturbed the food chain and pair of lions were murdered in cold blood as their relocation meant ‘transferring the gold mine’  to another entity.

The compliance was there but with malafide intent resulting the death of the lioness and the lion besides an ostrich all dead in less than 24 hours tells another tale. An investigation must be made be carried out as the team that deals in the relocation has individuals who have access to the animals and they can inject or feed them. Compliance met with defiance is the case and these voiceless creatures paid the price they got the ticket and are set free from their misery.

Some one is on a murdering masquerade that every creature it touches die in less than 24 hours.

The deer while getting relocated injured himself also depict that someone is there who is making things difficult. The ‘committee’ hopefully can find these arguments valid or as always the ‘committees in land of the pure’ overlook the obvious and go in another direction.

What transpired needs to be interpreted with all those who were present on the occasion to see this murder happening. The laws exist as stated by Justice Athar Minallah, the question is will these murderers of voiceless creatures get punished.

Pakistan has these zoos which have long history of staff making money from illegal sales of exotic birds and animals and there have been news where staff is stealing the food of the animals. These exotic birds end up in black market.

Such is the cruel and callous approach of the zoo authorities that they don’t have the skills to even transport the animals and their incompetency has resulted in death three blue bulls which are the largest of antelopes.

An explanation was sent to media but murders of the voiceless creatures needs to be investigated. It is also rumoured that next on the list is notorious ‘Kaavan’ which has made the Marghzar Zoo dubbed as ‘hell hole’ for animals at a global level.

Kaavan sad tale and three decades of captivity with mental health issues has raised the alarm that what goes on in the zoo will not remain un-noticed.

The probe should be made for all the appointments in the zoo as how these cruel people get their appointment letters. Who were the backers and implanters.  Investigations should be carried out in their ill-gotten gains mostly from the sales made from the animals and birds they catered to. The living beyond means can be seen from the man who sells sugarcane to visitors in feeding Kaavan. Who allowed him or who is the investor behind him. How much sale is done in a day all these are simple plain questions and inquiry can start which hopefully will overlook the matter.

This scribe really hopes to see Kaavan staying alive and makes to the Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia and doesn’t end up dead before getting ‘relocated’ though there are people who are thinking otherwise to steal his ivory tusks.