Delay in provision of funds by the govt; HEC projects exceed by 7 billion from initial cost

By: Qasim Nawaz Abbasi/Associate Editor

ISLAMABAD, 28th May 2019 : Despite big claims of improving the Higher Education in Pakistan Government seems in the traditional mood. The cost of eleven mega projects by Higher Education Commission (HEC) has already gone up-to 14 billion rupees approximately as government was unable to provide the required funds on time. The projects include improving quality of education, providing foreign scholarships to students and construction of new institutions.

The federal government had initially allocated 7.43 billion rupees for 11 projects under HEC but because of non availibilty of funds to HEC the cost of the projects has increased to around 14.34 billion rupees which is almost double of the original estimated cost.

According to the details Turbat University in Turbat was to be built at a cost of 1.58 billion but delay in provision of funds by the federal government has increased the cost of project to 2.82 billion rupees. Lahore University of Engineering and Technology in Narowal was to be completed 0.94 billion but it will now to be completed with an increased cost of 2.88 billion rupees. Similarly rupees 0.97 billion worth Agriculture University in Balochistan will now be in usable position at a cost of 1.44 billion rupees.

Government had allocated funds for research in the field of veterinary science and allocated 0.81 billion rupees to build University of Veterinary and Animal Ravi Campus in Pattoki. With addition of 1.69 billion rupees the project will now be finished at a total cost of 2.51 billion rupees. A Nursing college in Nawab Shah will be completed at a cost of 0.59 billion instead of 0.48 billion rupees of initial estimated cost.

For not providing timely funds by the incumbent government the Seerat Chair Project in public sector universities was to be completed at a cost of 0.19 billion but now addition of 0.22 billion rupees more will make it able to complete.

Similarly, A campus of Agriculture University Faisalabad in Okara was projected to be built at a cost of 0.475 billion rupees will now be finished with 0.88 billion rupees. PIEAS University, Islamabad was promised to be provided 0.50 billion rupees for improvements but federal government failed to do so in time that took the project in need of additional 19 crore 26 lac rupees. Improvements in Peshawar University was to be made with 60 crore rupees but the delay in provision of funds made it a project of 74 crore 80 lac rupees.