Digitally Empowered Girls

A traditional Pakistani truck art shows a girl desire for education.
By: Zohaib Saleem

You can awake as per your convenience take breakfast and work in front of the computer without leaving your comfort zone of home. You can earn between $50 to $100 for each hour you spend in front of a computer screen.

Pakistan has one of the youngest population in the world. Women reserved 48% of the total population and also had a great percentage of the youngest population of Pakistan. 

Maybe, you think it is a funny story or just an imaginary world. But, believe me, it is possible in this modern era and a lot of Pakistani youngsters earn more than expected from 9 to 5 rigid job.

The constitution of Pakistan 1973 is the first constitution of the history of Pakistan that can give specific rights to women to put their role in the national economy.

Article 34. Steps shall be taken to ensure full participation of women in all spheres of  National life

Now the government can implement this part of the constitution practically. PIAIC is a most advanced and emerging department of Information Technology supported by the  Honorable President of Pakistan  Mr. Arif Alvi.

Women Inclusion in technology (WIT) in the special department of PIAIC (President Initiative for Artificial Intelligence). It can build a strong participation of women in the Technology Sector.

 It is the most desirable field for women in Pakistan, you can earn a good amount then financially support your family and relatives as well, even without facing any office harassment with no waiting in huge traffic jams.

All the journey begins from the chair reside in front of your laptop or PC.

Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC) department W.I.T had the main objective to encourage and train all women of Pakistan to put your effort in digitalizing Pakistan. With respect to individual freedom of Finance without getting an internship in the firm or waiting for the completion of the degree.

you can enrol PIAIC on the basis of Secondary Education or equivalent to a matriculation certificate. PIAIC COO said this is the most desirable field for women.  They can give you training under campuses or online at your convenience.

Just pass the PIAIC entrance MCQ’s exam based on English and Mathematics and get enrolled.

According to LinkedIn, these are the most demanding skills in the new decade of 2020 are:

  • BlockChain
  • CloudComputing
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • UX Design

Miss. Hira Khan Director of Women Empowerment Division of PIAIC & and Lead Faculty of Cloud Native Computing PIAIC

She can make sure each and every girl, not just complete course but complete with proper skills to utilize to earn a handsome amount via freelancing. Lot of PIAIC batch girls are started earning in the interval.

 Yes, it is true, PIAIC is not a typical Institute.  It is truly a professional Institute can meet the requirement of any International University. All trainers are come from the field and working with a team of PIAIC for the last ten years. They focus only on practical instead of completing an outline.

Honourable president Dr. Arif Alvi inaugurated PIAIC in 2018. Chief Operating Officer of PIAIC Mr. Zia Khan come from Silicon Valley to deliver Industrial Revolution technology to all Pakistani student to meet and challenge any IT sector around the world.

Currently, PIAIC offering three most demanding courses are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud-Native and Mobile Web Computing
  • Internet Of Things

Miss. Hira Khan trained almost a hundred thousand students in the last decade and she has also Co-founder / COO Panacloud Pvt ltd (Software / Application development company)

Why are you waiting? Do join the government’s initiative to equip yourself with digital skills. This is the right time to learn new and modern technologies as the 21st century is only about IT.

The writer is working in IT sector for the last 5 years, he can be reached at [email protected]