Eid-ul-azha & Ethics

Letter to The Editor,
By: Aashir Saleem

Eid comes every year but ethics never did. In the whole season of Eid people roam with their animals in streets but none bother to take responsibility to clean the waste which pollute environment and disturb people on the way. It’s the same animals they are going to sacrifice in the way of Allah.

Some people slaughter there animals infront of someone else house for the reason of not pollute their own area. Even they leave the corps on road side to decay which smells the whole area. If they pay a little more to butcher or sweepers just to decompose the waste properly, how good that will be.

People must learn a common ethics to slaughter animals. Question yourself that will your sacrifice be accepted by Allah if you pollute someones else area or to pollute environment. God knows how many people will get hurt by your deeds, how many germs these waste may spread, how many children may get ill by these germs, how many wayfarer get disturb on their ways. just question yourself. 

Aashir Saleem, Karachi