European countries are assisting overseas Pakistanis to their best which is plausible, Ikram Uddin


BERLIN: (International Desk) Founder of international journalism Organisation Jazba Ittihad union of journalist and global times news agency europe’s chief executive Mr.IKram uddin has said Europe and European countries have an admirable character.It is because there is law and order.And where occurs these two elements, these countries could not stay back in life.There law and order system is the best of all as far as the respect and dignity of human beings is concerned. Asian countries lack such justice system by virtue of which those countries could not accede.No country can prosper without justice ,equal rights,law and order.Asia is the only continent whose states are at daggers drawn with each other and are the cockpits of terrorism and extremism.They ought to get united and learn from Europe countries.The very factor behind the success of Europe countries is their unity and equality among them, irrespective of the richness or poorness. We need justice system like Europe.Then we will succeed. We not only should think and help of Muslims but of all the humanity. There is no religion around the world which could not profess love for mankind, equal rights and justice. Mr. Ikram uddin has also said that Europe countries are playing their best part to assist overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis are an asset for Pakistan. Mr.Ikram uddin has appealed the overseas Pakistanis to live according to the laws of European countries where they are residing. Try to give benefit to the European countries as these countries have respected us. He further praised the good gesture of Europe countries of assisting and helping immigrants. we overseas Pakistanis have and will stand by the European states whenever they need us in tough times he added.