Fire in the city of God

By: Abdul Waheed

The city of God and three faiths; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam has closely associated with that holy and sacred place (Baitul Maqdas). So, hundreds of messianic tendencies paired with Jerusalem. Religious Devotion is a central pillar of Israel-Palestine conflict among three abrahmin faiths. Ancient historical chronological background of illegal child of Belfour declaration (Israel) gives political revolutionary wisdom to all ummah.

Palestine has been the house and land of the Prophets. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) migrated to Palestine. Hazrat Dawood (PBUH) settled in this land. Hazrat Sulaiman ruled over the whole world from that place. The tomb of Hazrat Zakariya (AS) is also placed there. Prophet Moses (PBUH) had told his companions about this country to enter this holy city. He called this town “divine city” because it was free from polytheism and was the abode of the Prophets.

Many miracles took place in Jerusalem, including the blessed birth of Jesus when his people wanted to kill Jesus (PBUH), God Almighty took him up to heaven from this town. One of the sign is that Jesus will be return to earth near the white tower in the Jerusalem. Even Christian and Muslim scholars believes that, middle east will be the land of Judgment. Palestine has the honor of being the first qibla of Muslims after the obligation of prayer. After the migration, during the prayers of Hazrat Jibraeel (AS).

The name of Jerusalem used to be Quds before the Qur’an. When the Qur’an was revealed, it was renamed Al-Aqsa Mosque. Quds is due to the blessedness of this city which distinguishes it from other cities. In order to acquire this city and save it from the tyranny of the Romans, more than 5000 Companions of prophets were martyred. And the chapter of martyrdom is not closed till today, the process is still going on. So, this city is such as also “the city of martyrs”. Thousands of intellectual scholars predicts that the tyranny of Israel will end at the road of world war three.

In the golden age of Islam, the conquests of the world, just for the conquest of Palestine, walking by Syedna Omar himself and praying here highlights the greatness of this city, the re-conquest of this city by Salahuddin Ayubi. None other than the ruler of Muslim world is responsible for ongoing atrocities of Palestinians, and for the delayed liberation of great Palestine. Warmongering Israel is nothing but a slave’s spirit of cowardice of the rulers of Muslim world. As long as Arabia is enslaved by the dirty despots, Israel has nothing to worry about except stones bombarded by the Palestinians. Palestine require Salah-ud-Din to liberate itself. Right now, there is none, like Salah-ud-Din, in the rank and file of the rulers of Muslim world.

Currently, the international politics of Middle East region do not go well for the Muslim world. Because the recent attacks on innocent civilian of Palestine are excuse to new trauma in middle east. And this excuse to new great game can lead huge destructive skirmishes and maybe it brought so called negative peace. But in the case of Israel, the purpose of this war is peace for Israel not for Muslim world. Israel has a Geo-Strategic location in the Middle East. Means currently Israel is just Asset for the United States and vice versa, largest contributor to world technological advancement. So, If the conflict occurred and escalate to serious intense phase, and the backdoor diplomacy failed among middle eastern and Muslim states, more than half of the world population are the victims of this conflict, and it would disturb the psycho of global peace. No one has doubt that The Israeli Security Forces violating international human rights and humanitarian law in Palestine’s occupied Gaza, committing “War crimes”. Israel playing with the Muslim blood, and faith-kinship blood cannot be replaced with Muslim rulers’ condemnation.

Due to Palestine and Israel strategic location, vulnerable inner front, comparatively weak economy, lack of political intelligence, hostile neighborhood and US mood towards Muslim world, Palestine is facing a complex and wide-ranging external threats to its existence on earth.

At the other hand, the involvement of the United Nations in conflict resolution itself is a block account, international governance body for peace and security among States UN, has a concept of global peace with the title of “collective security|” through democratization, human rights. This the responsibility of UN and Security council under the charter, to impose peace through sanctions policies, tariffs, economic blockade, grey list, blacklist and through international pressure, but politically and economically influenced international platform UN would almost immediately declare “Useless Nations” instead of “United Nations”.

The writer is Human Rights activist, studies MS “Conflict, Peace and Development studies”.