Gains and losses after independence

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Seventy-four years on what is gained and what is lost is the question generations have been asking from the leaders who walk down the power corridors of the state, nurtured with the blood of millions of martyrs.

The photo exhibition showed how Pakistan came into being is a harrowing tale where thousands lost their lives and over seven decades there are very few who have survived to tell the tale as to how they walked and crossed the border into Pakistan.
This, sadly in not shared with the people, and current trends in Pakistan are totally the opposite while India over the years has made its nation war hysteric and anti-Pakistan.

Muslims who ruled the subcontinent for centuries and were accepted and cherished by the local subject as leaders were tricked by the English who came as traders in the Mughal era and took control of the area with conspiracies in connivance with the Hindus who were told that they will take their vengeance from Muslims if they support English.

Muslims in the subcontinent were deliberately kept under oppression as the English only feared that it would be Muslims who would retaliate as they were the rulers and with this approach in mind, the English strengthened the Hindus.

The creation of Pakistan has triggered the world’s bloodiest migration. Government of Pakistan if at all wants to instill the nation, particularly youth, with the love of the ‘motherland’ should hold photographic exhibitions outdoors. All major crossings in the cities should have these photos the same way the Jews hold the play card for Muslims reading ‘Khyber was your last chance.

Nations are not built in a day, Pakistan over the time had few occasions which after the demise of great Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founding father of the nation which, could have curtailed nationalist agenda but petty and third-grade leadership lost all the chances to cement that bond made by Quaid when he made Pakistan.

The brain drain from Pakistan is the top trend and the world benefits from geniuses who couldn’t find jobs here.They won laurels for their hosts who honoured them with awards and recognition which was denied in the homeland but not abroad.
The current Independence Day is no different as corruption, nepotism, embezzlement, and mafias, etc are rampant in the country besides ‘big wigs’ will be gracing the events as chief guests.

Prime Minister Imran Khan after taking the reign of the country made promises to the nation that meritocracy would be ensured at all costs and all corrupt would be taken to task especially the ones who plundered and looted the national wealth mercilessly.
Independence Day today should be celebrated with a renewed pledge which should be taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan and all his team that they will leave no stone unturned in curbing the prevailing corrupt practices in the nation. They should also take the pledge they will purge the country from all forms of nepotism and will give this generation the chance to breathe and progress freely.

The writer is Special Correspondent at The Dayspring