Global cooperation

By: Zain Ul Abideen

Before COVID-19 Pandemic, we had read from the history books about how things got changed after the Renaissance of Europe and the revolutionary impact of the invention of the printing press on human consciousness, it was one of the biggest inventions of human history and how things got been easy for humans after the industrial revolution. How the Political and economic system of the world changed after WW1, the WW2 and Cold war. In past, we have faced much crisis like Spanish Flu, Great economic depression, smallpox disease in the 1970s, the economic crisis of 2008, Ebola virus and many more. But our acts were matter during the crisis in past and countries overcome the crisis through rational acts and well-organized joints actions. We have a classical example of cooperation between countries during Crisis like Smallpox disease and Soviet-USA joint response against the eradication of it, even both countries were in the state of Cold War. Currently, we are facing the Pandemic COVID-19, a World health Crisis of modern time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two. Pandemics are the large-scale outbreaks of infectious disease that can highly influence human life, culture, economy, society and political decision making. COVID-19 influence drastically on Human life. Now we are witnessing the radical changes in the world from the Political order to Economic policies, Education system to ways of doing business, from Global trade to Medical industry. This pandemic or Heath Crisis will lead to the biggest revolution in medical and vaccine industry. I’m damn sure that state priorities will never be the same and countries have to prioritize the Human Security first.

As we’re seeing the transformation of world affairs, it is an opportunity for us. No doubt this is one of the biggest crisis but crisis situation is also an opportunity as well. We can make it an opportunity through rational responses. Pandemic is not the big issue, but the really big problem is our own inner demons, our own hatred, greed, ignorance irrational responses of the world leaders and people. In simple, we need to learn from all radical, drastic changes as well as from history. We need to change our lifestyle and we’ve to do it because we don’t have another option. As WHO announced that Coronavirus may never go away and people will just learn to live with it. No doubt, Change has usually stressful but we’ve to change. Nationalist and selfish policies are very dangerous and vulnerable against the deadly virus outbreak. We need Global Cooperation in order to diminish the impact of the deadly virus on human life and its related affairs. Well-organized collective Approach by the  Countries of the world is only a viable solution to mitigate the spread of Virus.