Google Trying to Defeat Death

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Google has done some amazing things. Google Glass, self-driving cars, a little box that lets you search for things, etc. But you might not know that Google’s company Calico, is working to extend human life and is trying to defeat death.

Calico founded in 2013 aims at solving death, the company located on north of Google’s headquarters in south San Francisco.

This wasn’t the first attempt to defeat death, many other companies in USA are already working to extend human life. 53 years old co-founder of PayPal Peter Andreas Thiel wishes to live forever and for the very reason he had donated several million dollars to a company who works to defeat death.

Calico after 6 six years still in initial research phase, and is being done on mouse models including 750 mice segregated into five groups with different diets. The idea here is to explore howcaloric intake influences overall health. (A major recent global health study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was one of the first to pinpoint how poor diet and nutrition has an outsize effect on life expectancy and quality of life.) Furthermore, Calico scientists are tracking the growth of yeast cells to probe how cellular aging affects the behavior of cells, and how they begin to break down.

Scientists are coming around to the notion that age can be treated like a disease, rather than an inevitability, and some have suggested we may be able to find a way to switch it off. The World Health Organisation even added “aging” to its terminology in February last year.