Government initiates ‘Kamyab Jawan’ programme to uplift youth

Prime Minister’s Youth Affairs Programme has initiated the ‘Kamyab Jawan Programme’ mainly focus on social and economic progress of the youth aims for their productive role in the development of the country.

To achieve the milestone, government has initiated several projects in education, skill training, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement for youth. These initiatives would focus on “3Es”: education, employment and engagement; while implementing six flagship programmes.

According to official, under six flagship program, first will be ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme’ under it, subsidized business loans will be provided to talented young entrepreneurs to promote SME Sector

Furthermore, they said, the second under six-flagship program is ‘Skill for All Programme’, under which technical and vocational training will be instructed to 150,000 youth both in conventional and high-end technological trades.

The third initiative is ‘Startup Pakistan Programme’ under which potential young entrepreneurs would be trained and mentored to conceive, incubate, and mature their business plans through access to digital incubation platforms.

The fourth would be ‘Green Youth Movement (GYM)’ under which small grants will be provided to skilled Pakistani youth to bring economic innovative solutions to tackle environmental and climate challenges.

The fifth initiative, ‘Internship Programme’, would impart effective internship programmes both for undergraduate and postgraduate students to facilitate them in active participation in the private sector. Moreover they said that sixth initiative would be ‘Jawan Markaz’, a one-stop solution for youth-related issues at the grassroots level and it would not only provide access to sports and other youth engagement activities but also provide them with career counselling, mentoring and access to a host of digital services.