Government’s failure in ensuring women’s safety

Letter to The Editor,

The ongoing rise in the crimes against women in the country has raised serious concerns regarding the safety and security of women in the state. The occurrences of series of crimes since past month from the gruesome murder of Noor Mukkadam, to the recent event of groping, harassment of female Tik-Toker by a mob at Minar-e-Pakistan reflects the government’s failure to protect and ensure women rights.

As per world bank data the country of 48.5% female population was ranked as the sixth-most dangerous for women in 2018 poll of Thomas Reuters Foundation. But even these alarming statistics couldn’t compel the government to move the needle.

This manifestation of indifference on the part of the government has somehow normalized the rape culture within the country. Because how come one expect their government to ensure the security of its women when they fall into the inconsequential argument over issues like domestic violence bill?

However, the problem transcends beyond the felony – the integrity and security of women have been threatened on multiple instances. Many are either mocked, threatened and harassed on social media on the peaceful demonstration of Aurat March by a large proportion of the population, or many who survive the heinous crimes are shamed and turned down by their own people. This projection of insensitive remarks represents a collective mindset ruled by deep-rooted toxic masculinity that limits women to mere objects or seeks fulfillment in their subordination.

Hence, the government should stop being negligent towards matters concerning women’s safety & put an end to their nit-picking attitudes towards the policies that are solely presented to safeguard their rights as this is only going to normalize and further strengthen the rape culture that will in result encourage these criminal activities against them.

Fariha Fatima, Karachi