The growing gun culture in Murree

By: Saira Iqbal

This absolutely is a time to panic about the happenings in our daily lives, people are not dying but are being forcefully sent to the graveyards because of the growing gun culture, lawlessness and selfishness within the inhabitants of mother earth. To take the life of a person unjustly is to take the life of the whole of humanity. The murderer goes to sleep with his master, but his family goes around looking for his blood in everyone’s hands. Because that’s our system. Let the bullets go, the shooters run away, after declaring them fugitives, all that is left is to wait for them to be arrested and for justice to be done to the dead and their families.

Murree, mainly known for its valleys & peaceful environment. Now is portraying a picture of horrifying movie where shadow of guns and weapons began to hover over the beautiful colors of this valley. One after another incident of murders coming to light. Gang culture and bullying is becoming common, who is responsible for all such happenings in the beautiful valley?

A similar incident of brutal murder happened a few days ago that killed a young man Mohammad Aqil and left 3 others injured. The dispute was over a peace of land. The question does not arise why the fight took place, what was the point of contention? The question is, where did the weapons come from? Why is the use of weapons so common and easy?

It was not long before gang culture began to take root in these beautiful valleys. It has become common to quarrel over trivial matters and get to know each other. Justice is not available, punishing one will be a lesson for others but where will justice come from ?? Recently, there was an incident of terrorism in the Sandhian village of Murree Tehsil. A man named Jamal opened fire indiscriminately with a gun, injuring five people. Five members of the same family, three of whom were brothers were injured. One of the severely injured brothers (Mohammad Aqil) could not survive while the rest of the bullets are staring at our system to appeal for justice in the grief of his brother. The victim’s widow and three children are sitting with empty eyes in the hope that the blood of their beloved should not go in vein.

killing an unjust victim, on the one hand, but on the other hand, keeping a weapon without a license is a crime. If the weapon is kept under license, the standard must be such that, where the owner of the weapon feels safe, he also feels a heavy responsibility that the misuse of the weapon can add bitterness to his own life as well as the other’s. But it’s all about awareness, consciousness and our system … but alas !!! Weapons are kept and misused.

Such incidents are becoming commonplace in the Kohsar Valley. People with such criminal thinking are harming the peaceful nature of the area and as well as the tourism. They are spreading fear and panic so that they can establish their rule by frightening the people. No one is allowed to take the law into their own hands. This will continue until the killer is found guilty and brought to justice. Such incidents make not only a single person die, but the whole family is killed alive. The killer of the incident is currently under the police custody but let’s see if the justice is going to be done or not.

The writer is a Phd scholar and author of two novels. She can be reached at [email protected]