Hard work necessary to excel in the field of art: Serena Vestene

Serena Vestene

Italy/Vorona: (Ikramuddin) Serena Vestene, A popular poet from Verona Italy, said that no poet can succeed without hard work and dedication. Poetry is very important in my life. Poetry gives me peace of mind and spirituality. I want to give happiness to my fans because giving happiness to others is the best form of worship. She said that she has always given happiness to others through poetry. Serena Vestene was talking to Global Times Media Europe, she said that a real poet is one who has love for his homeland in his heart and expresses his homeland through poetry. Poetry is also a service and through this service man can move towards success. She said that poetry is an effective means of nurturing and keeping alive the aesthetic tastes and feelings of person which would bring him or her closer to nature and give them peace. Poetry is about emotions and emotions relate to feelings, If there are emotions and feelings in the heart of a person then that person can move towards poetry. Poetry has come out of consciousness and consciousness is in the heart and feelings of Person.When there is consciousness in the heart of man then man can move towards poetry.She further said that poetry requires a lot of hard work and through hard work a person moves towards success.