India backing ISIS in Afghanistan

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Addressing a joint press conference with Federal Minister for Human Rights ShirinMazari and National Security Adviser MoeedYousaf, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi presented a dossier to the media regarding serious human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. The dossier consists of 18 pages, including 113 references, and 3,432 war crime cases. Similarly, the Foreign Office states that India is running five ISIS camps.

The so-called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or Daesh is a splinters group of militants that separated from al-Qaeda to promote extremism. The group was initially active in Iraq and Syria, and later joined other banned extremist organizations. When certain Taliban joined hands with ISIS, it made the Afghan province of Khorasan its home and began recruiting people from around the world. It is estimated that the militant group includes thousands of fighters, including a large number of foreigners. At the moment, the organization is even more dangerous than al-Qaeda.

India, in order to turn the tables on Pakistan, has been for years nurturing the groups that were against the ideology of Pakistan and that is not the end, these groups were time and again caught and were exposed to which the Indian government shamelessly denied.

ISIS, in particular, has Indian patronage and the hardcore militants’ presence in Afghanistan backed by the India’s intelligence agency RAW is of great concern to Pakistan.

Taliban taking over Afghanistan after the withdrawal of United States troops have reassured a number of times to government of Pakistan that Afghan soil will not be used against any country. Still, certain Indian movement in Afghanistan is hidden from the Taliban radar.

The recent visit of Inter Services Intelligence chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed to Kabul is presumed as sharing intelligence between the two sides focusing on Indian nuisance via Afghanistan.

Pakistan has raised the red flag in the region and now it is for the Afghan authorities to take the action on such elements that pose threat to Islamabad be that India backed or otherwise. The US in the past carried out operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria but meeting the Taliban deadline it left many things in the lurch with dismantling ISIS bases in Afghanistan on top of them.
Pakistan did great as in coming up with a report to expose India, which as usual denies all allegations while the fact is that it is behind all the nefarious designs to damage Pakistan’s stability if not sovereignty.

The heinous human rights violations by the Modi-led government in IIOJK has been skillfully diverting the world’s focus from the atrocities that have been going on over there for a long. The two most glaring examples in the recent past are the busted air strike wherein Wing Commander Abhi Nandan was caught and released for Geneva Conventions and RAW’s operative who was a naval officer Commander Kalbhushan Jadhav.

India denied on both occasions but later owned the spymaster Kalbhushan Jadhav who is on record behind many terrorist and sabotage activities in Pakistan resulting in loss of precious lives.