Irfan Manna vows to take Kabaddi titles back from India

Kabaddi Player, Irfan Manna
Our Sports Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Kabaddi traditional sport of subcontinent and commonly referred to as the sport that is only for the strongmen as weak don’t have the muscle or the bone to take a grapple or a strike.

Subcontinent prior to partition had teams from different areas and men flexed their muscles in dust and dirt to show their prowess in the sport that had pushing, shoving and grappling all combined in one followed by loud cheering from fans.

The game at present has Pakistan as current World Champion of the event held in 2020 at Lahore.

India has dominated the sport since long and has been the winner in many an events in the past followed by Iran and Bangladesh which have fielded strong teams and were always there claiming second slots and Pakistan trailing at third.

The current year has Pakistan taking a stronghold on the sport which is getting viewers the world over. The sport is fun to watch and with the cash boosters from international brands has given a new impetus to the game.

Irfan Manna led the national side amid up-roaring crowd who backed the team throughout the games added with the Punjabi commentary which added more flavor to the event.

The final between arch rivals Pakistan and India went neck and neck and the decider was the last minute where Pakistan leading by two points emerged victorious over Indian team which has been winner in all the previous World Cups.

Irfan Manna is stated to have said, “We will take all the previous 5 World Cups in account and will give the dues in full.”

Irfan Manna and team winning the World Cup had congratulatory messages pouring in from all over the country including current Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.

India as always had showed reservations on the final outcome but it was brushed aside as the game was played fair and square and India lost in the end.