Iron man Biden replaces Trump

U.S President Joe Biden. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Donald Trump has left the White House and all heads are turned toward the ‘new iron man Joe Biden’ who takes oath as 46th US President. The outgoing President Donald Trump made a point before leaving that he has made the world stay in peace and initiated no new wars.

Democrats have won and Republicans after leaving a bloody trail have all eyes and ears towards the new President-elect Joe Biden who took charge last night.

Donald Trump left for Florida and messed and missed the tradition of attending the welcoming ceremony of the new incoming President which has prevailed for nearly 150 years.

Over four decades of statesmanship and wisdom accompanies Joe Biden who served as vice-president of the United States in his earlier tenure with Barrak Obama as president.

Joe Biden has his hands full and that is to save the United States of America which is in near grip of a civil war. How his national address will bind the states only time will tell, but what is seen on Capitol Hill is the heavy presence of 25,000 armed national guards.

Former President Donald Trump threw ample light on his achievements claiming to have taken America to new heights of glory.

Critics believe that Trump’s naive policies sent America and Americans into isolation. China and the US grew colder towards each other owing to accusations and counter accusations especially, with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The other controversial decision that made millions of people suffer was his immigration policy which was not ‘public-friendly’. The Mexico Wall project created unrest and thousands of migrants and the Mexican President made harsh remarks about Trump which carried enough weight.

Another decision that irked the Muslim world in particular was the patronage of Israel and moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump policies towards Pakistan were also not that encouraging as the accusation of ‘doing nothing’ against war on terror particularly in Afghanistan resulted in stalling the ‘coalition support fund’ and it was not all, the military training exchange programme was also halted.

These two decision in particular gave a bigger setback to America as Pakistan one way or the other is key player and partner in fostering peace in South Asia.

Joe Biden at the helm of affairs had visited Pakistan as vice president earlier and it is believed that he is well aware of policies that were towed in former president Donald Trump’s time.

The policy makers believe that Joe Biden taking the charge will a visible shift of US policies towards Pakistan particularly in relation to Kashmir which owing to Trump’s intervention along with Indian premier Modi has made the region ‘flashing red’.