Is dressing really a problem

Letter to The Editor,

In a horrifying incident of animal cruelty, a kitten was caved in to its injuries after being brutally raped by a 15 year -old boy and his friends in Lahore. This incident was brought in light after JFK Rescue and Shelter posted on Facebook about kitten and her condition. Kitten was gang raped for over a week, leaving its internal organs severely damaged. Organization stated “she could not walk, could not eat, could not sit, and never slept due to pain and trauma, when she was taken to vet he took out lots of sperm, blood and lots of shoppers’. The Kitten was taken to vet for treatment but it couldn’t be saved.

However, this is how Pakistan and Pakistani men are in the current era. After women and minors now animals are in the lists of rape. There is not a single hope for justice for this hand-sized kitten where there has been no justice for women and children. There is an attire need of sex education programs and therapies in our country. The government should conduct these programs and should have a strict law for animal abuse as well. Hence, there are no words left to describe how this feels. The victim is gone but the rapists roam freely. This needs to stop. NOW. 

Yusra Fateh, Karachi