Is Education Stress for the Student?

By: Memoona Ayub

There are many problems and fewer facilities in most of the schools and these are causing just stress not only on students but on parents, too. There are many unwanted things that are moving around a student all the time like stress, aggression, fatigue, anxiety, sickness and disorganized schedule. A child is just pushed up by their parents or tutors to pay attention to his studies. Have we ever thought why the child doesn’t study on his own? Why do his facial expressions change in study time? Why he gives lame excuses on his studies? Many of our parents think that their child is not able to study because of the lack of mental intelligence and they don’t provide proper counseling or guidance to the child as a result, in many cases such situations lead to putting a child on job to support the family. In a situation like this, is child really responsible? the answer is definitely a big ‘No’. Parents actually don’t realize their child’s creativity and talent. Some students need time, proper counseling, good teacher to polish the intelligence and the most importantly what matter a lot is the home environment. Experts say that a child starts learning from home, especially from his mother. So this proves that a mother should be educated and ethical to provide his child with a better future.

What Does A Child/Student Want From His Parents ?

Today’s children are different, and would expect different things that would suit their needs and thus, it is dependent on the child himself/herself. However, it is expected that parents would give their child moral support and a place where they could call it home thoroughout the child’s life while they are still growing and when they are already fully grown as long as they live.

Child/Student Attitude Towards Studies.

If we see students around us, we observe multi-types of students like bookworms,             mediums and inefficient. Bookworms are those students who don’t know what’s happening around them, we observe that most of the parents of such children feel happy about them, but in reality always asking children about their studies would effect their future course of actions negatively. Instead, a child needs to be asked for other activities like sports and social engagements to make them a good human being rather than just a degree holder.

 Does the School Environment Effect?

School environment really effect the behavior and personality of a child. Most of the schools can’t provide fine water and better food in their canteens to the students this may cause unhealthy results. On the other hand, if we observe furniture, libraries, playgrounds they are even not well organized.

Health/Fitness, Bones and Posture Concerns

As we see our children are facing serious problems regarding their health and fitness. The burden of the lengthy syllabus and unplanned schedules create physical issues. We see majority of schools are having sports activities only on weekends and focus on curricular work. Parents are raising demands to the government that baggage should not be overweight instead minor syllabus should be qualitative. Heavy bags are increasing posture disorders to the developing and maturating bones. A management study by the American Physical Therapy Association has found that more than 50 percent of children surveyed carries backpacks heavier than 15 per cent of their body weight. “Children carrying this huge weight can develop serious back pain and other problems that can require treatment,” utters Avrom Gart, Medical Director at the Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders. “To manage the load, children sometimes arch their backs or lean forward, causing them to develop poor posture as they grow,” says Dr Gart. Wearing a backpack on one shoulder can also cause the child to lean to one side to compensate for the extra weight, resulting in a crooked spine, back pain, and a strained shoulder and neck. In other serious cases, children can develop a condition called “scapular winging,” when the nerve that supplies the shoulder muscle becomes pinched, causing paralysis. Study is for going forward, look forward, think immensely, education gives us skills and opinions as we require, spread creativity, provides comfortable life to others, explore technology and so on. Education includes itself in every field of life what the thing that we should do?  We have to provide the true meaning of education to our kids so they don’t thing that education is a punishment so we can’t play or make our posture disorder or can’t do the things that we like.                   

The writer is Rawalpindi based student, working on youth innovation projects, she can be contacted at [email protected]