Islam and the world

By: Awais Gopang

Islam, since it’s inception, has undergone strained relations with the world. Indubitably, Islam emerged as a complete socio-politico-economic system negating all the existing traditions and ideas inherited from ancient Greek. Clearly, It has left out both the systems- capitalism and communism- in the cold. Their pseudo-claims of being the only world order have been reduced to dust. Let’s delve into the topic to comprehend it with a penetrating eye.

Islam provides a firm economic system to it’s followers. It renders responsibility to state for  providing amenities to it’s people. As Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) quoted “ If a public servant (serving for Islamic state) does not have a wife, he will be given a wife. If he does not have a house, he will be given a shelter. If he does not have food, he will be fed and if he does not have an animal (for conveyance), he will be given one.” Now some bemused readers may claim that this seems to be associated with Marxist philosophy. But I would like to remind them that Islam appeared on the stage of Saudi Arabia 1400 years ago, however Marxist philosophy originated in the mid 19th century. To implement this economic policy, Islam introduced Az-Zakat system. As far as capitalism is concerned. Islam prohibits usury and loans which is the basis of capitalist economy.

Moving further, the biggest conundrum between Islam and the rest of the world is of political system also pointed by Henry Kissinger in his book “The World Order”. Analytically, Islamic political system is based on the laws revealed by Allah Almighty Himself. There is not chance of any elite class indulging with public laws as is done by capitalist and communist governments. As Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) quoted “Listen and obey even if a negro slave be appointed as your superior as long as he should enforce among you the law of God”. This beautiful hadith is the crux of wisdom which exterminates racial discrimination in the politics and guides the people to enforce Divine Law. Some may think that Islamic political system is an strict theocracy but it is theo-democracy. When the Divine Rules are to be acted upon, how can a ruler cause to be deviating from them? Allah Almighty also says in the Holy Quran “And those who do not rule in accordance are disbelievers”(v:44). These golden principles of Islam are undigested to the world.

Thirdly, the conflict of opinion between Islam and the west is on the women freedom also up roared in our society. I must admit that feminism reached it’s peak when Surah Nisa was revealed. Those who speak uselessly and allege Islam of swallowing women rights are to be alluded to the deplored condition of women in the ancient Greek and Rome which also prevailed in the Europe. At those desolate time Islam emancipated the women of all the trauma and   suffering. It was Islam which exalted woman to it’s peak and declared her the emancipation for her whole family. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran “Consort them (your women) in kindness”(iv:19). The west also alleges Islam of being chauvinist and urging the women to be in veil. One wonders what is harmful in it? The west where women are raptly associated with the men has mind breaking surge in the divorce cases. America’s divorce rate has increased to disastrous rate of 40%. Islam preserved the honour of this beautiful creature keeping her behind the curtain and giving her complete liberty. One may take the example of Ayesha, the youngest wife of Prophet, who took active part in politics and led armies in the battlefield. Honour of a woman can be gauged from the fact that Allah Himself concealed her identity in the Holy Quran( referring to the wife of Pharaoh, Asia, and the wife of governor, Zuleika) indicating their significance and respect in the society.                         Conclusively, Islam is not only a distinct religion but also a well entrenched system which has been an apple of discord for the westerners. Those who consider Islam a stereotypical system are highly mistaken and misled.