Islam is the complete code of life

By: Sanaullah Kalwar

Islam is a religion not in the meaning of west which termed the religion is something between believer and God. Islam is a religion which organizes all aspects of life on both individual and collective levels. Islam established a clear system of worship, laws about living a life, civil rights, political rights, social issues, laws of marriage, divorce, inheritance and all others which we deal in our daily life. It is not only confined to worship but to a daily life, a complete guide in all aspects. A guide to social, economic, and political system. Islam being complete code of life has defined such ways of life as:

First is Moral life, Islam instructs the Muslims be honest, truthful, charity, modest, just, pure and abiding in promise on the other hand it prohibits each and every follower to be envy, hypocrite, ridiculous and evil speaking,

Second it talks about our intellectual life, Islam has required us to be of real knowledge which must be based on clear and indisputable evidence acquired through experience and testing. The Quran clearly indicates that the Man must acquire knowledge through immense universe. Knowledge in Islam is not monopolized by clerics or religious men. But every Muslim has to learn and apply them.

Third is Personal life. Islam emphasises on purity, cleaning, diet, dress, ornament and legal sexual relations through a valid marriage. It forbids everything that affects the body as alcohol, drugs, dead animals, meat of pork and animal sacrificed to the name of another that is not a Allah. Islam recommends to eat healthy foods, clean hands before and after eating.

 Fourth is about Family life, Islam considers family as group of people whose members are united by blood ties or the conjugal relationship. Allah has given much respect to the parents, especially mother. Marriage is the religious duty of every Muslim man capable of fulfilling his responsibilities. It has given each member of the family his/her rights and duties. It has given right for polygamy if seems necessary for any means.

 Fifth is Social Life, so Allah has ordered man to work closely with all the members of his family, with relatives, servants and neighbors. Islam avoids any superiority by the reason of color, class, caste, origin or finance, but goodness and good work of the individual.

Sixth is Economical life, Islam urges the Muslims to earn a living through honest work, this is not only a right, but a great virtue. Everything you earn through legal means under Islam is your private possession, no state can claim from your rights. But in return Islam puts some obligations being part of society which contain certain taxes to the state for your security et cetera. Islamic economic system has not only drawn up in light of Arithematic calculations, but also to moral principles, the key to this system is Zakat and Charity. The real owner to each property is Allah Almighty alone, man came in this world with empty hands, and will leave in the same way. Furthermore, Islam does not prevent the Muslims to acquire wealth and private projects, however, it prohibits any kind of selfishness and greed of capitalism. Islam adopts a moderate and positive method between the individual and society, between the citizen and the State. Between Socialism and capitalism, between Materialism and Spiritualism.

Seventh one is Political life, Islam says, Whatever the mode of government of an Islamic state is, sovereignty belongs to Allah Almighty alone, and the authority should be delegated to the state through its people under the rules set by Allah. The main purpose of the people is to build a Islamic society and convey the message of Islam in all the parts of earth. the ruler is an employee representative, elected by people, to serve them according to the law of Almighty. State in Islam is obliged to administer justice and provide security and protection to all the citizens. It imposes sanctions to all the crimes that affects the safety and integrity of society such as Killing, terrorism, theft, rape and defamation. Islam allows non-Muslims to live in Islamic state by paying a special tax called Jizyah.
Last one is about International life, Islam says All people are children of Adam, equal in their human status and purpose. Muslims respect the interests of others and their rights to life. Islam rejects any kind of transgression. Muslims only resort to war when their safety is imperiled. Islam does not justify, in the states of war, the destructions of crops, killing of child and elders, those who do not fight. It should respect international treaties provided the other parties remain faithful to their obligations.

These all aspects proves that Islam as the perfect religion for the whole mankind. Allah almighty has chosen Islam because the only religion acceptable to him. Islam is that the best way of life for all. It serves as the best solution to all sorts of problems no matter how perplexing they may be. Islam is that the absolute answer to those who seek an ideal religion and an entire way of life. It guides us to a well-balanced life, one that makes us happy in this world and in the life hereafter. It is the way to attain supreme success in the everlasting world to come. In, short Islam because the complete way for all, is Allah’s Mercy to the entire of mankind.

The writer is a freelance contributor, he can be reached at [email protected]