Islamabad Joins Global Artificial Intelligence Community

Islamabad to host and welcome the first City.AI event for 2018 in December

Islamabad (June 2018) Global non-profit organization City.AI welcomes, as a new member of its City.AI community. The NPO gathers artificial intelligence (AI) practitioners on a quarterly basis across 60+ cities to share challenges and lessons in applied AI. The first Islamabad City.AI event will take place on 22nd December, 2018 between 14:00- 17:00 at National Incubation Center. The event tickets are Free but prior Registration is required.

The Islamabad City.AI panel includes Dr Alina Zeshan , Irum Zahra, Ahsan Yamen , Jawad Sadiq and will focus on the implications and impact of AI.

AI has been around for Years and it is the rage at the moment because its time has finally come. From Healthcare to Ecommerce services, AI is providing powers to make insightful decisions. Since we certainly cannot avoid the wave, discussions around AI are important as they assist us in demystifying it.

“Bringing City.AI to Islamabad  is a step in creating a bridge to over 50 communities across 6 continents as well as the well-connected organizations, companies and educational institutions in each AI ecosystem. Islamabad is taking a seat at the international table is hugely important. We are global players and this is one way to represent all that we do.” said Dr Alina Zeshan, Islamabad AI Ambassador.

“AI is becoming integral to many aspects of our lives, both in obvious and subtle ways. It has potential to further humanity by solving beautifully complex problems that cannot be ignored, and menial tasks that should be forgotten. To realis its potential, it is paramount we have diverse, informed, and insightful discussions that not only reflect on the current state, but ultimately define our future said Christopher Brian Corrin, PhD Computational Neuroscience candidate at UCT, AI mentor at Udacity, and Founder of the Cape Town Intelligent Systems Meetup.

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