Journalists discuss problems and solutions to the journalists’ community amid pandemic

Our Correspondent

GERMANY: Issues faced by journalists amid pandemic were discussed in a virtual meeting. People from different walks of life urged governments’ around the globe to solve problems of journalists. In the video link meeting, President, Young Journalists Society International Haji Waqar Yaqub, International Press Organization, founder of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe, Ikramuddin, Information Secretary, YJSI, Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate and other journalist leaders from all over the world attended the meeting through video link.

Ikramuddin said that governments from all over the world should play their roles in solving the problems and difficulties faced by journalists in a timely manner. Information Secretary, YJSI Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate said that journalists are the asset of any country. President Young Journalists Society International Haji Waqar Yaqub reminded the world that journalists are performing their services in such critical times. He said that many journalists in Pakistan are deprived of government funds and other aid packages. A few journalists have also died from the coronavirus, but so far the Pakistani government has not allocated any relief and other funds for them.

It was jointly said in the meeting that the political party should raise their collective voice for the betterment of journalists. Participants also demanded the United Nations to play its role in this regard.