Kaavan trumpets triumph

Justice Athar Minallah is ringing bells of freedom for voiceless creatures and this is making the poachers shuddering with fear!

Elephant Kaavan [File: Aamir Qureshi/AFP]
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

The court has come to the rescue of animals as the voiceless creatures’ plight melted the heart of public. Honorable Chief Justice Islamabad High Court has given a stern warning to authorities concerned for the welfare of animals and Kaavan is one of the examples that world is keeping an eye on.

Elephant Kaavan. PHOTO: AFP

Honorable Chief Justice, Islamabad High Court, Justice Athar Minallah warned the Islamabad Zoo authorities and Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, making it clear that the laws protecting animals from cruelty do exist. He lamented the inhumane treatment towards these animals, adding that there will be criminal proceedings against the responsible.

Kaavan the lone elephant is a reason behind this hearing and after three decades, the voiceless creature pleas were heard though the creature endured the needless pain at the hands of the humans for decades but tenaciously survived and now awaits its release in the sanctuary.

Kaavan’s mate Saheli died years ago as her heart couldn’t bear the torture and neglect that the zoo authorities have meted towards her.

The Marghzar Zoo over the decades have made millions from the ticket sale and allied paraphernalia’s from the captive animals but nothing was spent for their welfare.

The honorable judge has given July 18 as the next hearing date and prior to that has asked the authorities for the release of the captive animals to their respective sanctuaries.

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court, Justice Ather Minallah

There were 200,000 signed petitions going global for Kaavan, who was tied in chains cutting through his legs to stay motionless in 2002.

Kaavan being tied to chains, made an uproar, which resulted in global humiliation for Pakistan. Thanks to Islamabad Zoo authorities, who are no less than ‘group of poachers’ profiteering from these poor animals, stealing their eggs, chicks, skins and even their feed.

This practice continues to date and stays unchecked as there is no one to question their actions. A whole group operates in the form of ‘mafia’ and for a little amount of money, they bring misery to birds and animals without a second thought.

Kaavan the ‘lone hero’ stood up and sacrificed his mate but made sure that Islamabad Zoo comes under the world scrutiny. Kaavan’s pictures in shackes in 2002 made world headlines and Marghzar Zoo made sure Pakistan as a ‘state’ gets worldwide disgrace.

Cher, a leading United States singer, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan and initiated a campaign for Kaavan for years. Her tweet about Kaavan release is evident that ‘world is witnessing what is happening to Kaavan’.

Kaavan and his mate Sehli both yearlings came to Pakistan in 1985 as a goodwill present from Sri Lanka. What prompted Sri Lanka who hosts multiple elephant sanctuaries is question that stays unanswered.

Sri Lanka has again come forward to rescue Kaavan which will go back home as ‘retard’.

Kaavan along with Sehli came as happy yearling and gave their share of love, affection and entertainment to Islamabad residents. It is over three decades of injustice and cruelty the animal bore at the hands of its handlers.

These cruel people who could have made a difference in their low lives but they refused as the money earned from zoo was not enough for the un-satiable gluttonous stomach pits which demanded more and more.

Kaavan release petition was initiated in 2012 and now its year 2020 the delay of eight years with pain and suffering is unaccounted for.

Islamabad Zoo from top to bottom should get punished and Prime Minister Imran Khan should use his special powers to appoint some humans who have the heart and the feel for the poor voiceless animals who have spent their lives in captivity and are confined to very limited space.

Their eyes tell all and there is no one who could catch the ‘poacher’ who made millions selling their eggs, chicks and skins for his greed as a ‘group of thieves operate as one’ winning the trust of the animals and then betraying and backstabbing them.

The elite in Pakistan with their money and position get away with many things and ‘money talks’. The elite are obsessed with lions but are devoid of a single streak of lion’s nature which is all ‘royal and regal’.

This lion’s trademark is copied and imitated and is never possessed. The ‘elite’ can buy a lion’s cub but it is a prized toy with all his traits and the rich elite to show they possess lion like nature or character is ‘their’ farfetched dream.

Hats off to Islamabad High Court, Chief Justice, Honorable Justice, Justice Athar Minallah who is the only rescuer and all these voiceless creatures who bore the brunt of human greed and cruelty have their eyes on him.\

Honorable Justice Athar Minallah rings the bell of freedom and its ringing for Kaavan and many like him!