Killed with impunity the voice of the voiceless stays unheard

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

They are killed without mercy and there is no one coming for their help the voice of the voiceless continues to fall on deaf ears. Considered to be the third rate and third grade citizens of India, Kashmiris have no future.

There is little light at the end of the tunnel but this light is the dwindling and diminishing ray of hope and millions are looking at it believing there will be new dawn.

Millions are living a life of fear with little hope but that little hope exists that things will not be the same and the world will notice their plight.

The most recent global experience of lockdown has made the world realize, what it feels to be in quarantine and in self-arrest situation.

Kashmiris have paid a heavy price they have lost thousands of lives, thousands are in jail and thousands are missing. There is no end to the saga that continues to date and there seems to be no immediate solution in sight.

The global lockdown has seen people witnessing how ‘humans’ act and react in the situation with few resorting to violence and snatching food from the others (stores in US getting robbed) and few leaving food for the others who have little or none (Turks leaving food packets on streets).

The protests of people in different countries owing to the lockdown made the global leaders realize that Kashmiris are right and Indian atrocities are uncalled for and unjustified.

These voices in the past were next to nil but now these voices are getting louder and louder making BJP run government curbing it with force and counter propaganda.

The ‘international powers’ particularly United Nations have always have kept the issue pending for decades and the solution for decades has always been like finding a needle in the giant haystack.

United Nation is also criticized for not making India comply to the resolutions which have been passed in its assemblies years ago and have yet to bear fruit.

Generations have been lost and if UN doesn’t wake up now generation will be lost again.

The recent massacres by the Indian government have sent a panic waves in the minority, Muslim community that forms over 20 per cent of the Indian population.

Indian troops with the backing of the ruling party BJP hooligans have made life miserable for the people. The recent uproar in the BJP controlled India, is Muslims are behind the spread of Coronavirus. Eliminating Muslims will end Corona and there have been violence erupting in different areas of India.

The very thought has made BJP’s supporters going in mental frenzy breaking in to the homes of the Muslims that are living in shanty towns and ghettos.

A perpetual fear has gripped the Muslims and has made the saner elements in India reaching out for them disdaining at the ‘state policies’.

The recent voices for Kashmiris who have been in lockdown for nearly 300 days that makes two months short of year are now getting noticed, world understand how it is to live amid fear in the lockdown. The very experience globally have made people realize that Kashmiris are also human and they are facing tyranny by the Indian government.

Trump in his visit to India in the newly constructed world biggest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad in February before Coronavirus gripping the world raised his voice for Kashmiris and to this Indian government reacted ‘unpleasantly’.

It may be noted here that Ahmedabad is a Muslim majority area and people there are facing a lot of hardships owing to state backed mobsters who gang up on Muslims. The scenario in Ahmedabad is alarming as the state run offices have negligible presence of Muslims.

The atrocities and crimes against humanity by these ‘state backed mobsters’ are never reported.  The state control is so strong that nothing comes out and the voice of the voiceless Muslims carries no weight.