Learning from Daal Chawal Movie

The writer is a lawyer
By: Sajjad Hussain Nekokara

As societies are facing various sordid challenges related to coping with crimes, police are being forced to reconsider their strategies to deal with complex situations. It is imperative to make the police able to grapple with any tough situation and for this purpose education is mandatory.

There is a need for political will to modernize the policing of the country.

In Pakistan, the police force is perceived as inefficient, corrupt, unprofessional, brutal and politicized. It is also said that any bid to undertake reforms have proved to be cosmetic.  Recently, the myth of police inefficacy is countered by a movie namely “Daal Chawal” that released on 4 October 2019. A name of ‘Daal Chawal’ basically, describes the life of those men who sacrifice their family, children’s life, for our nation. Moreover, a worth watching movie is written and produced by the finest police officer,  Chief operating officer Safe Cities authority Akbar Nasir Khan. It is based on the remarkable story of security forces of the country which fight against terrorism. Similarly, it paid tributes to the Police officer who sacrifices their lives to save the lives of citizens and the integrity of the country. The mission of this project was to highlight the tough environment in which the police force works and to commemorate the police martyrs. Moreover, Pakistan is a wonderful country with huge committed and devoted people.  It is a marvellous effort to promote the true culture and image of Pakistani society across the world.  Similarly,  this movie is a showcase to Pakistani society to tell stories of educated unemployed everyday bread earners and unsung heroes of Pakistan. It is a precedent that police service of Pakistan is moving towards professionalism.

Moreover, a good deed never goes unnoticed. Akbar Nasir khan has many feathers of Excellency in his cap. Similarly, Punjab safe cities authority is a brainchild of him. He Planned, designed and implemented it.  Safe cities authority has excellent management, well-trained staff, latest technology and purpose building. It has been playing a constructive role in controlling the crime and crime ratio has been decreased to a great extent. Safe city project is a mega project for the prevention of terrorism and crimes as well. Similarly, it has been using to control the violation of traffic rules. Government has introduced the E-Challan System with the help of it. This initiative is indicative of modernization of police force across the country.

There is a need for political will to modernize the policing of the country. The experience of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has proved that a turnaround is possible with political will, autonomy and planning.  The K-P police Act encapsulated the spirit of police order 2002 which itself was the only and comprehensive attempts at police reforms.

The use of social media is increasing, so there is realization that we need smarter police and smarter policing to deal with cyber crime, financial crime, and organized crime insurgency. There is a need to allocation of more resources to modernize its system to contain these crimes.

In the end,  Daal chaawal portrayed a Positive picture of Pakistani forces.  The film is an Endeavor to build a positive image of the police. It is hoped that country will produce the innovative police officer like Akbar Nasir khan who will promote the love and respect of police across the country. Similarly, police force will deliver its services to public in an efficient way. It is hoped that this movie will shake the minds of people  and they will learn from this movie and appreciate this remarkable work. There should be an elimination of gap between people and police. Government will allocate more resources to modernize this institution. Police force respect and dignity will prevail in the country. An efficient and accountable police can ensure protection of life, liberty and property provided the delivery mechanisms of professionalism and answerability are put in place. The future of policing in Pakistan lies in an efficient and innovative police officer.

The writer is a lawyer