Life is mortal

By: Faisal Ansar

This life is very short besides being uncertain as we never know that when we have to go back from where we have been sent here in this world. Average life in Pakistan is about 55 years or may be little more or less. Our entire energy is spent to make the life of this world blissful where we have to live a little and doing nothing pragmatically for the life hereinafter where we have to live for good. 

One day we all have to die and this is such a truth that nobody denies it regardless of their religion. Being Muslims, we believe that we would be alive again at doomsday and accountability would take place that what we have done in this world. The life which will start hereinafter would never end and the example of that life is given by Imam Ghazli R.A a pious person that if empty space between earth and sky is filled with small seeds and after thousand years one bird come and take away only one seed. The day would come when these seeds would be finished but the life hereinafter would not. We remain worried about and work hard to make the life of this world better and better which is not only short but uncertain and we seem to ignore and remain careless to do anything to make the life better which would start after our demise as compare to what endeavours we do to make world’s life better.

COVID-19 has created immense fear of the demise in the hearts of the people across the globe and people in general are not worried about COVID-19 but in fact, they are worried about demise for which they are not mentally prepare though we all have to face demise sooner or later. It is rarely seen any article about the issues which will have to be faced by everyone once his/her soul departs from this finite world while majority of articles are being published about the issues of this world being faced by the folks although we have to live in this world for some time while endless life awaits us. 

What will happen once anyone’s soul departs from this world? that after some time the body would be laid to rest in the grave and the denied and the denier (angles) would arrive to start asking questions. The number one question which would be asked by the denied and the denier that who was your lord; the second one who was your apostle and what was your religion. If all these questions would be answered correctly, a window would be opened in the grave from where nice and mild cold wind from paradise would keep entering into grave until Day of Judgment and if the questions would be answered wrongly, the torment would start in the grave. There is a bridge viz sirat which is built over the hell and journey to cover that bridge is about 500 years. That bridge is thinner than a hair and sharper than sharpest knife or sword. Those who cover it successfully would enter into paradise and those who could not, would fall in the hell.  The grisly situation of the day of the way of life; day of resurrection is mentioned in the Quran and hadith that every human being would be gathered in the mount of Arafat and would be sweating into their perspirations equal to their sins. That day would be of thousand years and one day would be equal to fifty thousand years of this world. The sun would be shinning at a very low height. These are the horrible issues which would be faced by every soul and to address these issues, articles should be published in newspapers that how one could be successful in all the stages right from the grave to paradise. The very simple answer is to live an obedient life; to fulfil orders of Allah in the way of Sunnah.