Medical aid for Palestinians

A Palestinian woman and child evacuate a building targeted by Israeli bombardment in Gaza City on May 11, 2021. (Photo: AFP / Mahmud Hams)
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Over seven decades have past and the issue has stayed unresolved and unsettled on the United Nations agenda. Blood stained seven decades have tales of unfathomable tyrannies by the Israeli occupied forces over unarmed Palestinians which words cannot encompass.
The world has moved with the plight of Palestinians who have faced the Israeli bombardment for days now and the polarized opinion from Muslims and Western world clearly shows the divide.

Turkey, Iran, Malaysia along with Pakistan have approached the United Nation to call for a ceasefire and make way for the medical supplies to reach the wounded.

Scores of children have died in the conflict and the center for the orphans has also been razed to the ground by the Israeli bombing.
The urgency is paramount as there are very little medical facilities in Gaza and it is a fact that most of them have been over flooded with the wounded and there are no supplies reaching on site.

Gaza buildings have been turned to rubble and it is believed many are still buried alive in the debris.

The Israeli forces have made a blockade and entire Gaza is a no go area and nothing is allowed in and out of the place. The Rafa border at Gaza has accommodated the wounded who crossed over to Egypt.

The Muslim countries in particular after seeing the plight of the Palestinians have condemned the world leaders for their dual standards and Israeli massacre in particular has angered the masses.

Turkey on the whole is leading the Muslim Ummah and doctors in Turkey have arranged medical supplies for the Palestinians.
The Israeli forces continue to massacre the Palestinians in front of the world without any discrimination and every day women and children are killed and their dead bodies are shown in the video footages.

The Turkish Red Crescent has started the relief activities for the Palestinian people through its permanent representatives in East Jerusalem and Gaza.

A large number of Turks on the website of the Turkish Red Crescent have pledged their support for the injured and dead.
Government of Pakistan with Prime Minister Imran Khan chairing the cabinet meeting has also decided to send medical supplies for the Palestinians.

It is believed Pakistan will send the aid via Turkey and has directed all to send their donations and medical aid to government so that it can reach the Palestinian brothers in need.

It is also worth mentioning that the prisoners taken by the Israeli forces in the past and in the current aggression have been faced with very brutal scenario. They are deprived of everything and their whereabouts are not told and it is believed they have been killed and put in mass graves. The gruesome tales from Palestine which is under attack from the Israeli forces have only come out in bits and pieces.

The dead don’t speak but the dead bodies from the rubble tell it all as what happened and how it happened to them.