Members of British Council visits YSPP

ISLAMABAD - Members of the British Council and YSPP team pose for a group photo after the session on SDGs by YSPP team.
By: Dua Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Members of the British council along with students from different countries all over the world visited Youth Squad for Progressive Pakistan (YSPP) on 28th November, for a training on the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, and they had an absolute blast. Their minds were enriched with knowledge about the sustainable development goals and all the projects the team has been working on tirelessly over the past year. A session on youth’s role in the development really awoke spirits of the foreigners to return to their respective countries and start taking action. They vowed to lead more sustainable lives. The best thing about this visit was that it didn’t only focus on the young leaders of tomorrow but also all different age groups at varying stages in their lives, who were looking for change with a desire to leave something good behind for their children and grandchildren. The guests were given a touch of our culture in the form of a desi hi-tea. Activities were conducted regarding solutions that they would like to propose based on the problems our country is facing currently. After such creative and innovative sessions, along with loads of laughter, the team bid them farewell.

At the end, members of the British Council appreciated the YSSP team and showed interest to visit again.